Monday, October 20, 2008


Dear Emi:

I try to be as clever as I can, but tonight I am just too tired. So I'll just sort folks out into winners and losers.

My favorite Swedish musician (and now neighbor! and possibly friend!!)
Colin Powell
Obama (always)
Jay Smooth (always)
Trader Joes (for being cheap)
The pumpkin pie I made
Funky southwestern patterned wool socks (BEST CHRISTMAS EVER)

McCain/Palin (always)
My computer power cord (for allowing itself to get lost and making me run to Apple store to buy a new one because I simply cannot live without a computer for a night[??])
Trader Joe's (for being crowded and annoying)
The apple crisp I made (and burnt) (and had to throw away).

From New York (where it is now unpleasantly cold and Octobery),

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-e said...

who is this interesting musician and potential friend? marit bergman?