Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Dear Emi:

People are starting to think we've got this thing in the bag. I certainly hope so, but I'm not setting myself up like that. I'm just going to cross my fingers, vote Obama and try not to have a nervous breakdown. In the meantime though, the crazies seem to be getting out of control. People are yelling the "n-word" at rallies. White supremacists are cooking up horrible, violent plots to kill people. Liberal idiots are hanging Sarah Palin dolls. And I'm not even talking about the McCain volunteer and horror-show lady who carved a B (for Barack) into her face and blamed it on an unidentified black man. (Nor will I comment on the media coverage, as the word "hoax" doesn't go nearly far enough for this kind of behavior).

What am I doing in the face of all this nastiness? I'm reading articles like this gem about the useful and practical nature of farts. Because I'm over it. And if anyone calls me apathetic, I'm saying its because even the candidates poot sometimes!!

I'll be funny(ish) again when this election ends.

From New York,
Lisa (who has nothing smart left to say until Nov 5)

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Pete said...

How did I miss this blog until now? I have no idea who or what Emi! But I'm British so that might explain something...apparently we label countries such as Iceland as terrorists! WTF? How can a country that gave us Sigur Ros & Bjork be terrorists? pah Stupid Unelected twat of a PM.
Anyway sorry for the rant - glad the blog is a rollin again!