Thursday, October 9, 2008

The National Debt.

Dear Emi,

Why should all the Scandinavians have all the fun? Helsinki and Stockholm are great, but I think I'll write you my own letters from New York.

In New York today, the American National Debt Calculator has run out of digits because we have so much. It also says that my family owes $86,017. Perhaps thats their problem, seeing as I don't have $86,000 and if I did, I think I'd prefer to buy one of these. Don't they know I work at a non-profit?

Interesting, as always.

From New York,


Koko said...

I love this blog! Maybe I should start another one just for you, cause judging by three posts I adore you as much as Emi!!

Lisa said...

Thank you--what a compliment. Thanks for the idea. This should be good fun.