Monday, February 23, 2009

Alive. (And White House!)

Dear Emi:

The above image proves two things:

(1.) I am alive! And still writing you letters!

(2.) I went on a tour of the West Wing last weekend. An unfortunate bad hair day during my visit prevents me from posting more photos. (That and there aren't too many as the secret service would likely have tackled me which sounded patently unfun.) (Plus the decision to wear high waisted denim, which may or may not be in fashion when I revisit this photos in old age.)

All is fair in the press room, though!

More letters on the way, more often,

1 comment:

Anna Ander said...

Oh wow. The White House press room. It's like the Holy Grail to a West Wing fanatic as myself. Very jealous. And your hair looks good! But feel free to join my middle-aged-hair-discussion (not that you're anywhere near middleage).

Luv from Stockholm