Friday, November 21, 2008


Dear Emi:

Is this man beautiful?

Or kinda fugly?

I can't tell. Please help.



-e said...

he's hot. he's also smart and funny and successful. what's not to like?

Lisa said...

Ok I thought so. Why have you guys been hiding him from us. Not fair!

-e said...

hiding? he's all over your country! he was in zoo-lander. he was in generation kill. he was in that new vampire movie. his dad is stellan skarsgård, but you know that. what I'd like to know is why you've taken him from us.

jenny said...

we've taken him because we need more hot swedes here who speak english with no accent. he's hot, but he has bad hair. and he's the only good thing in true blood.

sara kmp said...

bad hair is in most Swedes DNA, we can't do much about that unfortunately; it's fine, rat colored and with split ends...(or no wait, was that just me!?)

Catarina said...

he's very good looking :)